Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This Story i'm Working on.

This is a story i am working on.Just remember this hasn't been edited or anything just how i typed it...still needs lots of work.It was another one of those nights. Friday. The four of us crammed in James little car heading to go see some movie to kill time. Tyler sitting shotgun on the account he was an inch short of being Goliath. Beside me was Adam, the goof ball. Then there was me. Owen the only hopeless romantic in this rural uncultured, small town in middle of nowhere beside the biggest shit Jesus himself had ever taken. This lovely town was named Pulaski. Yes it was named Pulaski after that one guy who trained a bunch of horse men during the Great War that freed us from the man, England. Such a lovely name for a small town in these great ol states. We didn’t even have a movie theater in this town we had to hop in someone’s car, drive an hour to the closest movie theater. Spend 8 dollars for an hour and half of pointless entrainment to waste a few hours of our pointless existence on this small rock floating through space. Okay, along with being a Hopeless romantic I was a little pessimistic. Guess it came along with being in love with the idea of love but no one else really loving the idea of love. So you could call me the average loser. My dad had died when I was at the age of 15 of lung cancer. 4 months later my mother started dating the man who later became my stepfather. Steve. Another great waste of water molecules. Any how the four of us crammed in this sardine of a car going to see some movie which title I do not even recall. Oh by the way we passed two roads to go see the movie “general forest road” and “ general Lee road”, so yehaw. “ when the hell are we going be there? I need a smoke” Adam said over the loud music breaking my deep thoughts. “In 5 minutes so stop complaining that shit is going kill you anyhow. So why the rush to die?” James said with a bit of impatiens, he always got annoyed by our habit. Adam and I were the only smokers. Tyler and James were both against it. Tyler was a little bit of a health nut, as in the only thing he did was work out. James, well he didn’t like the idea of have a crutch on something. “ yah yah if your driving doesn’t kill us first James” .Adam smirked at me, always felt so cunning by his remarks. By now we were in town and one red light away. We pulled up to our usual side of the theater where no one parked. “ I’m with Adam let me the fuck out I need a smoke” I said as I pushed Adam out with my cig already hanging from my mouth. I light it up as I step on the ground. “hey pass the light” Adam always forgot his lighter. So I hand him my crack lighter, it was called that on the account of the rust that rested on the top. We lend against James car smoking our cheap ass cigs and bullshiting. Me being the romantic I always asked how Adam and his lady were doing “so how’s jane?” “ehhh I don’t know how much longer me and her going last, I mean I love her and all just I don’t know. Im just kinda sick of her.” “dude what you talking about? Just be glad you have someone to love” “yah its not that simple kid” he always acted like he was older or better then you somehow “I wish I knew how that felt though, you know to be loved” I threw my finish cig down into a puddle and listen to the wosshh as it went out. “alright lets go I been waiting to see this movie” Tyler being the impatient prick he was “alright lets go you dumb asses” James said referring to the fact Adam and I smoked. He really did hate the idea of it but he didn’t mind the bottle so much. So we followed James and Tyler into the theater. “shit I know that girl” James looked almost petrified looking at the girl who was working the register we were in line. “shes pretty cute how you know her?” I always took an interest when I saw a brunette . “Camp she was one of the helpers.” “That’s cool” She had these eyes that kinda shine even at night. Long hair. She wore a lot of make up, but she knew how to lay it on. Kinda big but not fat, just perfect acutely. Okay she wasn’t cute she was beautiful. James turned to us and said under his breath “shes lost some weight since last year.” Then turned to this girl I vaguely remember him talking about and said “ Hey ann.” The girl who is now named ann smiles her most beautiful smile she can sum up and replies “ Hey james! Its been a while since I’ve talked to you!” “yah it has been a while, hey um I need a ticket to…” like I said I don’t remember the movie.” Oh yah sure no problem james. Want a free drink?” she smiled again yah I remember her. James never did relationships but he had a wide collection of naked and half naked women on his phone. She was on the half naked category. “um yah sure.” You could tell james wasn’t really into her anymore. She got him a drink they said their byes and she made him promise to get back in touch. The rest of us got our tickets without much side talk. I kept my head down as I usually do when I’m forced to talk to a beautiful girl. We were walking to the theater that held our movie James looks back at me and says “ you remember her Owen?” “yah zebra print girl” he laughs “ yah her.” We take our seats and the movie starts. I look over and see James got a text from ann, but her name on his phone was Annabel. Pretty name too. “damn it shes texting me” “cmon james shes cute girl” “I really don’t want to put up with her, I got an idea loverboy. Why don’t you start talking to her Owen?” “I don’t know man, I mean I don’t even know her.” “ we can change that ill ask her what she tought of you” guess what, when he asked and she replied she didn’t even remember what I looked like. Still I was pretty exicted about a maybe future girl. Ideas ran trough my head in a million and two directions. Just maybe shell want to waste some time on me. “yah last time I talked to her she said she had some guy problems wanting a nice guy. look that’s you perfect” he finishes with a punch on the shoulder. “yah me nice guy, okay yah sure that sounds good.” We finish the movie. I was only half way there. Between watching james text ann and thinking about how being with her would be nice. It had been a few months since my last Girlfriend. She broke up with me after 3 weeks of us doing almost nothing but cpr practice on each other. She broke it off with me cause she said we didn’t care about the same things, but she said to keep in touch cause we had the same taste in books and music. Ironic huh? So it would be kinda nice to have another girlfriendNext day I had to be up bright and early making hamburgers for a bunch of overweight hairy lazy single men at the place where no one is sad but always fat, Burger shop. Lucky I worked with James that morning. I was putting together a double burger, hold the greens but add bacon. James walked by dropped the frozen fries into the fryer and looked at me.” I told her about maybe going on a date with you.” “whose that again?” trying play it off cool like I didn’t remember, or been thinking about this girl to any extent. “ann you know from last night?” “ohhhh yah ann yah I remember her .” “yah she doesn’t remember you either really so.” “oh yah that’s promising” just finished wrapping yet another double burger. James took off his cap and wiped his forehead. “Yah I asked if you wanted to do a blur date, you know since she seen you but don’t remember you kinda like a blind date but…” “yah I get the point smart ass” the fries where done by now so James took them out of the fryer and put them in a warmer as I scope some out and put them in a bag. “ so you up for it tonight? Double date?” “yah sure sounds good man. Whose your date?” “Hannah” you see Hannah was my ex we were all friends and all but Hannah was still an ex kinda odd wouldn’t be big deal if it wasn’t for the fact that this was a first date with a cute girl.so since I like James I brushed it off with a joke. “that’ll work show me what I missed out in her” he laughed. Like I said no big deal they were just friends anyhow. “alright be by around 6” he walked off back to his own little world of burger shop doing whatever it was james does. Texting a girl more then likely. As I stood there making these little burgers that will one day leave some kid without a dad I started thinking about ann. Wondering what she was like, how nice it would be too look into those beautiful eyes. I cant even remember the color of her eyes now. I guess I’ll have to check when I see her tonight. Yah I could get used to having a girl like that around.When I got off worked I jumped into my jeep and drove home to change clean up and tell mom where I would be tonight. I come in the door and of course there’s the waste of molecules sitting there drinking a beer and watching some hunting channel on T.V. “Whats up dude"

Monday, November 5, 2012


I fell for her like a rock tumbling down a cliff into the water. It's a deep drop, but there is still a chance that i could land in the water and have peace and happiness.